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Some more details on the June 26-28 camping event with the drummers and belly dancers...

It is being held at Heavenly Acres Campground just north of C'ville.

If any of you are interested, do we want to chip in and get a cabin or a caboose?.

Again, this is not an SCA event. All are welcome, no matter how they are clothed. Although there will be many people there in garb and sort-of-garb...
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Upcoming Events

Saturday December 13 - 1_big_grizz: We still on for camping? If so, where? I have 4wd but I wouldn't want to take this thing on any serious offroading.

Sunday Feb 1 - ironhead54: SuperBowl Bash this year? I am planing to get a hotel room, and don't expect to be leaving the mainland this year... Susan will probably be coming with me since it's her birthday and I promised to take her out for dinner before the game.
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Sorry I wasn't at the Ironhead Bar & Grill for the Super Bowl bash. I'm staying at a friend's house out in Fluvanna County helping her hang some drywall.
Hope the party went well, I really did miss being there. But... from what I have heard about the last few minutes of the game, I would have had no choice but to destroy every television in the house anyway.
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IronHead Bar and Grill Super Bowl Bash?

Hey Shawn, are you planning a super bowl bash for this year? I just got approval from my boss to get the following Monday off, so I'll be there if so. I'm thinking about possibly booking a motel in the area so I can get smashed and not have to drive.

That is, if they don't send me to San Diego that weekend which is a small possibility.
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Nominated for an Official Birds of Death Movie award...

Quest For Fire


Ron Perlman's first film.
A cheesy 1981-era herd of mastodons.
Plenty of Neanderthal porn, including the invention of the missionary position.
Rae Dawn Chong is naked through the entire movie (unfortunately she is covered in grey body paint).
No animals were harmed during the filming of this movie One wolf was set on fire during the filming of this movie.
Lots of people get hit in the head with rocks.

Greatest. Movie. Ever.
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